12v 80 watt MPPT Complete Solar Kit – Dual Battery Charging – 10Amp


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12v 80 watt Complete MPPT Solar Kit – Dual Battery Charging – 10Amp 700×670 Solar Panel

**MPPT Controllers are 30% more efficient than cheaper PWM Controllers** necessary when trying to get the most out of the small space on Boats or Vans and we use “mono” solar panels over “poly” for the same reason.

MPPT 12v Solar Battery Charger Kit with 700 x 670 solar panel panel and three mounting choices with optional monitoring available.

Charges two battery systems, typically engine and leisure banks. Suitable for smaller vehicles using up to 56ah per day. Typical use includes one week off hookup with satellite TV, lights and pump. In the winter, it will trickle charge both batteries and will support most small alarm systems. Complete with all electronics, cables, connectors, mounting and fixing systems as well as full and easy to follow instructions

12v Solar Vehicle Kit Dual

This Deluxe Duo kit comes with everything required for fitting to your vehicle. Suitable for caravans, motorhomes, boats etc., with the duo fitting pack you are assured a perfect, secure, life long fitting. Easy to install, subtle and attractive.

Additionally, with the duo charge controller you can charge both the engine and leisure batteries at once. With optional monitoring available (Remote Meter MT-1) to keep track of the power that is being generated as well as the condition and state of both batteries.

In the UK summer this 80w 12v solar battery charger kit will charge your battery around 56 amp hours per day.


PLEASE NOTE you need to allow an additional 120mm on overall length and width for corner mounts, and an additional 120mm to length for end mounts. 

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Corner Mounts, End Mounts, Aluminium L Shapes


No Thanks, Remote Meter MT50

Kit Includes

80w solar panel, MCS certified: 700×670 mm
Next Generation Dual Charge  MPPT Controller 10 A

Choice of Corner Mounts, End Mounts or Aluminium L Shapes for fixing to the roof Bonding agent
Cable entry gland
5 meters 2.5 mm rubber cable
2 x Fuse holder
2 x 10A Fuse

1x Pair MC4 Connectors