In an?world where unexpected downtime can be costly, a reliable source of power is extremely important and this is why our?Series 4000 Lithium batteries?are the perfect solution for applications where run time and fast recharge times are a must.

Key Features

  • Long cycle life: 10 times of Lead acid battery?s cycle life
  • More usable capacity: up to 100% usable energy,
  • Fast charging: 10 times faster than Lead acid battery,
  • Easy installation: drop-in replacement for Lead acid battery,
  • Low self-discharge: ?2% per month,
  • Compatible with AGM battery chargers,
  • Increase flexibility: up to 2 in parallel
  • Built-in BMS ensuring battery safety and efficient operation.


Floor Cleaner/ Scrubbers, Solar & Renewable, Aerial Work Platform, Golf Carts & Electric Vehicles, Marine & Leisure, Material Handling Equipment, Vehicle Conversions.


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 182 × 130 × 195 cm