12v 150ah AGM Battery M8

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The new AGM batteries of the Powerboozt brand are equipped with extra thick lead plates and electrolyte fixed in the glass mat. (AGM = Absorbent Glass Mat).

This makes them particularly resistant to cycling, vibration and can easily deliver higher currents and can be charged with high currents (0.2 x C20). They are absolutely maintenance-free, leak-proof and can be used in any mounting position.

Their long service life (up to 800 cycles at 50% depth of discharge) and huge energy reserves make them particularly suitable for use as drive batteries for electric motors, as consumer batteries in yachts and motorhomes, or as storage batteries in photovoltaic systems.

The low self-discharge makes them perfect for seasonal use.

Key points of the Powerboozt LAD

? Particularly long-lasting because designed as a cycle-resistant drive battery

? Absolutely maintenance-free

? High resistance to shock and vibration

? Robust and leak-proof construction

? Can be used in any installation position

? Low self-discharge

? Can be charged with high currents

? High discharge currents possible

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