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POWEROAD PLFC-12-2 is a motorcycle battery charger based on microprocessor for all types of rechargeable 12V lead-acid batteries, covering all types of AGM ?MF? valve regulated (VRLA), GEL-electrolyte types and 12V Lithium-ion phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries.

POWEROAD PLFC-12-2 has two modes which is compatible with lead acid battery and LiFePO4 battery, it can charge POWEROAD lithium motorcycle starting battery, and turns into a lead acid motorcycle battery charger by shifting the mode through the switch.


Key Features

– This 12V battery charger is applicable for both lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries.

– Has multiple protection for a longer lifespan of batteries including:

? Polarity reverse protection

? Short circuit protection

? Over temperature protection

? Over current protection

? Over voltage protection

– Safe for long-term connection with batteries thanks to automatic cut-off setting.

– Safe spark free operation.

– Able to check and indicate weak or damaged battery.

– Easy to learn status from clear LED display.


Product Highlights

It is suitable for lead-acid batteries from 5Ah to 32Ah, and for lithium-ion batteries from 3.2Ah to 20Ah, so you do not need to purchase a specific 12V LiFePO4 battery charger. It has intelligent detection and protection to guarantee safety and prolong the serve life of batteries with various protection manners.