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POWEROAD OEM family of 12v LiFePO4 Motorcycle batteries are made with premium quality and unmatched reliability also 60% lighter than regular lead-acid batteries. No maintenance required as they are completely sealed and they are very safe due to being leakproof and waterproof. Super fast charging and more than 2000 cycles and very low self-discharge are just some of the reasons this range of POWEROAD Lithium motorcycle batteries are extremely popular with motorcyclists around the world.


Key Benefits of POWEROAD Lithium-ion batteries:

Higher starting power giving a more rapid start capability, resulting in easier start.

Super-fast charging rate through high current.

Longer service life with more than 2000 full charge and discharge cycles

Approximately 60% lighter in weight.

Built in LED indicator to test battery

Outstanding heat resistant case up to 230?

No capacity loss over its lifetime. Lead-acid batteries lose capacity over time and can possibly sulphate.


No maintenance required.

No pollution, kinder to the environment.


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