PRLR-100-DH Bluetooth & Heater


12V 100Ah Poweroad Base

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This is the techmology we have all been waiting for. Lithium with bluetooth & Heater. The Heater is especially important at low temparatures. Lithium batteries will not accept a charge, when it is around 0 degrees. Charging at these low temperatures will damage your battery and reduce it’s life.

A huge?advantage to lithium technology is the life cycle rating which far surpasses alternative technologies.?This specific item has 4000 charge and discharge cycles at a depth of 60%

POWEROAD LINC BASE series is 12V Lithium battery for Lead acid battery replacement. The battery can be used individually or assembled in series to create a 48V system with different battery capacities for your choice.

Poweroad Features

  • LINC BASE series is our first-generation battery with Lead acid battery casing. It is a family of 12V Lithium battery packs from 7Ah to 200Ah, which offers a drop-in solution to replace Lead acid battery for applications like RVs, marines, solar systems, low speed vehicles and more.Key FeaturesLINC BASE series is the Lithium battery that can be widely used for deep cycle applications with more power and less weight than traditional Lead acid batteries as well as below features.? Long cycle life: 10 times of Lead acid battery?s cycle life? More usable capacity: up to 100% usable energy

    ? Fast charging: 10 times faster than Lead acid battery

    ? Easy installation: drop-in replacement for Lead acid battery

    ? Low self-discharge: ?2% per month

    ? Compatible with AGM battery chargers

    ? Increase flexibility: up to 4 batteries connected in series

    ? Built-in BMS ensuring battery safety and efficient operation


  • UPS
  • Solar &Wind Power System
  • Golf Cart
  • Electric Vehicle , E-bike, E-rickshaw etc.
  • Lighting



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Dimensions 355 × 175 × 190 cm