Rutland 504 Wind Charger


Rutland 504 Wind Charger

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A completely unique mini wind charger designed for

  • Pleasure Boats
  • Caravans and Camper-vans


  • Unique turbine tip protection
  • Quiet in operation
  • Low wind speed start up – starts charging from just 5 knots
  • Produces 25W in 19 Knots
  • Produces up to 60W, nominally 5A 12V in 50 Knots
  • Aerodynamic efficiency and style
  • Each wind charger is tested within computer controlled performance parameters
  • No radiated interference (EEC Directive 89/336/EEC)
  • Blades 510mm diameter

Ideal fitting is an aluminium or stainless steel tube with an internal diameter of 31.7mm and a max external diameter of 38.1mm

Low friction, 3-phase, flywheel-effect generator gives smoother more continuous output than smaller size turbines.

Robustly designed using marine materials, stainless steel fasteners etc for long product life and made in the UK.

Can be used in conjunction with solar panels.